5 Upgrades That Add BIG Value To Your Condo

Dated: 08/29/2018

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Following my previous post, "10 Things To Consider Before Renovating Your Condo" now you should have a better idea of who you're renovating for, what the rules are, and how to get the most out of your budget. (If you have not read that article yet, I highly recommend you do! Consider the "why" before the "what") 

The other article I read and find highly relevant for local home owners that live in condos is "5 Upgrades That Add Big Value To Your Condo." This could be because you are simply ready to improve your current living space or you could be considering selling soon and want to greatly increase your potential sale price. If it's the latter, I want to hear from you! Not all of these will automatically add value. We need to consider your specific space first and also your budget. That's where I am happy to help. 

So without further ado - "5 Upgrades That Add Big Value To Your Condo" via www.myfirstcondo.com

Whether you’re getting ready to put your condo on the market or just looking for ways to add value to your home investment, it’s important to consider upgrades. As you probably know by now, not all upgrades, renovations, and remodels are created equal — some will offer great returns (sometimes you can even recuperate more than 100% of what you spent) while others will ultimately cost you more money in the long run. So, which upgrades actually do add big value to your condo? We did a little digging, and the pros all say that these 5 are your best bet if you want to see your money well spent.

Bathroom Renovation 

Couple looking sink in furniture shopNothing can turn away a potential buyer or lower the value of your condo faster than an out-of-date bathroom that needs some serious TLC. In fact, the professionals recommend (if you’re got the money to spend) focusing on the bathroom and kitchen and over-all house maintenance above all else.  (If the walls need painting, paint. If the floor is cracked, fix it, and so on.)  The return is usually rock solid, usually 100% in solid Real estate markets and more in competitive-buyer markets.

But, a note of caution: Don’t go over the top. The tendency for condo-owners who can afford to do a total overhaul is to go for luxury. But, professionals warn it’s a mistake. If you’re selling, keeping the design more neutral is preferable to installing finishes that a potential buyer may not personally like as much as you do. If you’re planning on staying, there’s some wiggle room, but think twice about your future selling risk if you end up going with those top-end fixtures and that custom, Tuscan-inspired tile. They could end up hurting your wallet more than helping it.

Hardwood Floors

Although often overlooked, floors are a major selling point for your condo. It’s a less costly investment, but the return is usually positive, typically falling between 80-100%, and realtors say that homes with hardwood floors not only sell faster, but for more money. If you’re looking for a small upgrade that’s beneficial whether you’re staying or going, you can’t go wrong with installing a classic hardwood throughout your condo! Hardwood floors are much easier to deal with than pesky carpet, and better for allergies, too.

The trend now is plank flooring, so if you already have hardwood floors but they are dated-looking, brown parquet kind, do you need replace the floors? Our experts say no. They recommend that you upgrade the look by refinishing the floor and staining it with a more modern dark ebony stain.

Kitchen Remodel 

Like we mentioned above, bathrooms and the kitchen are major considerations when you’re trying to sell or add a little value to your condo. If you’re kitchen needs some work and you’ve only got a little to spend, focus mainly on giving the room a facelift — paint the cabinets, install new fixtures, replace the faucet and sink, and update the appliances if you can. If you can afford a major renovation (and the kitchen needs it), again remember that it’s key to keep things simply and stylish, not tailored to your personal taste and your taste alone. If done right, it’s likely you’ll make up all that you’ve spent (sometimes more) if /when you sell in the future.

Be careful and don’t get carried away with the upgrades. If you improve beyond your location and the type of condo you have, the buyers are not going to reward you. That Wolf range in a small starter condo, probably will not pay off.

New Appliances

Since most people don’t want to have to buy new appliances when they move into their new condo, purchasing a place that has matching, modern appliances is a big deal in the buyer’s mind. If you have old, worn out appliances, replacing them will help add value and increase future sale potential. If they’re a decent age, but don’t all match or need sprucing up on the outside, contact the manufacturer about purchasing new, matching panels.  Keep in mind that with dishwashers, the panels are often white on one side and black on the other, so you may already have a matching panel to turn over.

Added Storage

Storage is an important part of your condo’s desirability in the eyes of buyers, and adding some definitely is a added bonus for you too, if you stay. So, whenever and wherever possible, the professionals in the buying and selling market suggest that you add storage where you can — expanding a closet, adding a closet where one is clearly needed, and remodeling a space that’s awkward (like a reading nook that’s too small for use) are all good ideas that bump up the value of your condo and make it more likely to sell.

Fellow condo owners, weigh in. What upgrades have proved to be great overall investments for you? Share in the comments below!

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